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DMK First Light
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Home / Spaceships / International Space Station over Northern California
International Space Station over Northern California
Winner of Capture The Universe
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International Space Station over Northern California


International Space Station over Northern California by Ted Judah
The ISS came from the north-west and passed 81 degrees above the horizon on this night. It was 364 km above me when I took this image (Actually a stack of 4 images.) through my new C-11.

Visible are a Progress spacecraft docked to the Swesda module, S and P radiators, Columbus and JEM modules.

I have to give thanks to Frank Brandl for his advice and encouragement. I could not have captured this image without his help.
Keywords: ISS, International, Space, Station, California, CGEM-1100-Computerized-Telescope

Image Stats
Celestron Equipment CGEM - 1100 Computerized Telescope Computerized Te (11099)
Additional Equipment T-ring/adapter
Camera Canon 30d
Exposure Time 1/800
Date/Time Taken 05.27.2009 21:29
Location Petaluma, CA
Upload Date: 06.04.2009 11:29
Hits: 44365
Downloads: 0
Rating: 4.62 (16 Vote(s))
File size: 44.5 KB


Join Date: 06.30.2009
Comments 1
From Chapin
I like all your pictures! They are totally awesome. From Chapin (6) P.S. They are "Way Awesome"
06.30.2009 14:18 Offline tanmwil
Barbie Q. Middleman

Join Date: 06.30.2009
Comments 1
International Space Station over Northern California
Great shot considering the location in Northern California. Can only imagine the resolution if taken out on the Colorado Plateau.
06.30.2009 18:46 Offline Barbie Q. Middleman

Join Date: 08.12.2009
Comments 60
Love it!!! Absolutely awesome. How do you track that?

ANSWER: Tracking? When I get set up before the ISS pass I make certain that the finder is perfectly lined up with the telescope. I MANUALLY move the telescope while looking through the finder. When I get the satellite in the cross-hairs I shoot like crazy. About one out of thee shots have the target spacecraft in the frame. Low-tech huh? -Ted
08.14.2009 01:38 Offline CharlieD123 http://www.mauliola.org
Ted Judah

Join Date: 05.30.2009
Comments 26
No sophisticated tracking. I tracked manually and fired off shots when it was in the cross-hairs.
08.20.2009 20:52 Offline Ted Judah

Join Date: 10.15.2009
Comments 21
Wow this is awsome i have never seen somthing like this comming from a nice telescope, good job and keep seeking belive me you'll find many strange things out there.
10.15.2009 03:41 Offline newton91

Join Date: 02.10.2010
Comments 1
Did you use a tele extender?
Great photo!!

I was wondering if you were just using the t ring with t adaptor and NO tele extender or eyepiece...

Or did you have an eyepiece and tele extender set up to?

ANSWER: I used just the t-ring, t-adaptor and my Canon DSLR. No eyepieces involved. -Ted
02.10.2010 12:58 Offline lvuserhere

Join Date: 12.08.2008
Comments 2
Nice capture!
Great shot!

I recall seeing details on Skylab, Salyut and Mir with manually slewed scopes.
02.24.2010 17:07 Offline DarkMatters

Join Date: 03.15.2010
Comments 10
Excellent ISS Shot
Super job!
04.30.2010 18:52 Offline RWFAPEX rfitzgerald1 at nc.rr.com

Join Date: 11.15.2009
Comments 3
Can I publish your shot?
Howdy... ...I am featuring the CPC1100 XLT Telescope in a brochure, and I thought your shot would be awesome to use... ...can I use it with credits mentioned?

Sure, you can use my image if it still is applicable to your project.
11.24.2010 19:51 Offline TK421 http://xandro.viewbook.com/folio

Join Date: 02.13.2011
Comments 2
02.13.2011 21:38 Offline ALFREDO ALFnaranjo at hotmail.com

Join Date: 02.22.2012
Comments 2
Superb definition
Amazing picture of the ISS!
02.22.2012 13:19 Offline ErnestoFB

Join Date: 06.01.2012
Comments 87
simply amazine
wow, what a great picture. i've seen the ISS fly over a few times and was able to see it with my small meade scope but it moves so fast i can't image trying to get a photo of it. How did you move the scope manually and take pictures at the same time? Any details about the ISO you used or zoom amount? I have a CGEM 1100HD and a canon T1i. Think it's possible for me to get a pic similar to this?? thanks!
03.28.2013 20:37 Offline YsniperY yoderjjy at hotmail.com

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